Turkduckens and a productive Black Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!

One turducken and one turkey down. One more turducken to go.

For those of you that don’t know, I celebrate friendsgiving with several groups every year. First, my family. This is the traditional Aunt-has-everyone-over-and-we-eat-turkey type of Thanksgiving. Second, Turducken – RPI. A turducken is a chicken, stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey, and cooked until delicious. This one first started back in 2005 while living with friends at RPI. As a curiousity, one of my housemates, John, decided he wanted to cook a turducken and celebrate friendsgiving with my other housemates (11+ of us over three apartments in one building) and our friends. It was a great success and we’ve been doing every year since. Third, Turducken – Uconn. When I eventually transferred to Uconn I wanted to continue this friendsgiving tradition with my friends at Uconn and from my hometown of Guilford. Initially, we combined RPI and Uconn friends into one celebration, but that rapidly become overwhelming for everyone involved. So, three thanksgiving meals has become a yearly staple for me.

I made a few updates to my site today. First, I moved my blog from the homepage to /blog/. I guess I’m going to officially call this a blog now; although I’m not particularly fond of blogs. Also, this seems to be more of an online record of my various projects and developing progress. Second, I revised the homepage to be more of a scenic welcome to my site.

I started some work in Selenium using Java. I haven’t had any experience with Java prior to today, but it looks remarkably similar to PHP. Presumably I’m giving away my inexperience with a statement like that; but the syntax is very similar to PHP. For lack of a better utility right now, I’m planning to right a test suite to comb over my own site. Should be a useful enough project for learning even if it has no outside value.

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