Mid-December Already?

I started working on a project recently. I love board games, including Catan and 7 Wonders. 7 Wonders has a (relatively) complex scoring system that gets calculated at the end of the game. The game provides a tiny stack of scoresheets to tally the scores, which means only one person writes down the scores and tallies the scores. After they finish recording the scores and announce the results, everyone wants to verify that their scores were recorded correctly and summed accurately… all without insulting the originally scorekeeper since obviously they can do simple arithmetic.

Therefore, my project is creating an easy to use system that allows everyone to see the scores being recorded and calculated automatically. This is convenient as a web-based application since I usually have my chromebox running music in the background, providing an easily visible and acccessible location to show the scores.

So far, I have created temporary page for this. I have been able to use an Ajax from jQuery to record pre-set scores in the database. The next step is going to be wiring the scoring inputs to be user-generated, rather than pre-set (since that’s useless…). After that, being able to record and display multiple scores at once (oh hey- I should have written this out as a plan earlier. So… doing this here and now [at least I started on the right track]). Lastly, I’ll implement a log-in system so users can record their own records.

In other news, this is a really cool website about cars.

Lastly, we picked up a really fat Christmas tree. Enjoy!

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