It’s Been a Year..

And I can’t believe how much I’ve learned.

The last time I touched this site was about a year ago. At the time, I was actively looking for a new job. I knew I wanted to get more involved in the software development process than I currently was. I figured the best way to accomplish that was to show some aptitude in development, which is where this site came from. The plan worked.

I was hired on at Lionleaf, LLC in March 2016, 11 months ago. My boss took a bit of risk hiring me knowing that I didn’t have any significant development experience. But to quote him today, “We lucked out with nate, we can’t expect that again.” I’ve heard similar praise in the past. It’s nice to get those pats-on-the-back occasionally.

Initially, my time was spent learning AngularJS, Coldfusion, Mysql, and everything related to html and css. I spent a lot of time updating local business’s websites and making minor tweaks here and there. Margin, padding, font-size, etc. Quickly that moved into JS and Coldfusion. And then more Coldfusion. And more Mysql. Even a good bit of Php/Laravel in there. And, for better or worse, I’ve been using Ubuntu as my OS for the last few months and getting more familiar using the terminal (okay- that part’s good, but I’m still not sold that Linux is better than the out-of-box, drivers-readily-available support that Windows offers).

More recently, I’ve been splitting the development of our major project 50/50 with our senior developer. I’ve learned a lot; and it’s funny looking back at what this site is, but I digress… My current role is very heavy on Coldfusion, with the expectation that we move to Java soon. I’m looking forward to that. In the meantime, it’s been great having a senior to work with and get more insight into how development practices should be done. Coldfusion certainly isn’t the most desirable language to be spending a lot of time on, but I know the structure and best practices will translate to any language (mainly Java, which Coldfusion is based on).

The last few months have been a blur. I turned 30 in August. I think I had a borderline mid-life crisis. 30 was the first birthday that really caused me to reflect on what I was doing with my life and if I was happy with what I was doing. And then, as quickly as the doubt came, it was gone and everything was awesome. I had a friend, who is a few years older than me, tell me he’s been having the time of his life in his mid-30s. I guess I took that to heart and figured I could do the same.

Here’s to 2017 being a great year!

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